Microsoft is working on the successor to Lumia 830

23 May

The Lumia 830, which features a 5-inch screen, a nice processor, and a 10 megapixel camera, is considered by many to be one of the best smartphones on the Windows Phone platform. Now the media have reported that the American giant is working on his successor, which will have even better parameters.

Rumors of the launch of Lumia 840 have come from reports of limiting the production of the current model and plans to dispose of stockpiles. The successor, who is said to be already engaged in Microsoft engineers, will be equipped with slightly better subassemblies compared to its predecessor.

It still has a 5-inch touch screen, because this size Microsoft thinks is optimal, and its design will be similar to the Lumia 830. The changes will take place on the camera and so on the back probably will be a module with 13 or 14 megapixel resolution, while the front camera will be 5 megapixel. There are also two SIM card slots for the user to use two numbers at the same time.